los campesinos! - avocado, baby

oh god, it’s too perfect. these cheerleaders from cardiff absolutely make this song. no blues is shaping up to be a brilliant album.

i thought this series of artist studios built by saunders architecture in fogo island, canada existed only in my dreams (only in my dreams).

joke’s on me.

claes oldenburg & coosje van bruggen, typewriter eraser, scale x, 1999.

movement - us

something so serenely sexy needs few words. turn the lights down low, light a candle, and settle in for the slow dance of yr life…

did i push it too much? //
does it feel like we’re rushing? //
'cause we've been getting closer //
and i’m aware that you want me //

don’t wanna give this up //
you know that this could be somethin’ //
we could dance in the echoes //
it echoes…

bifur by cassandre. 1929.

chromeo - over your shoulder

and your worry about your size //
it’s nonsense, it’s not a contest //
and besides //
if it was a contest you’d win it //
i wanna take a bath with you in it //

chromeo’s new single, “over your shoulder” deals is goofy. the song is full of lyrics regarding physical insecurity abutted by awkwardly immature sexual references.

Title: Flynn Artist: Monday Club 0 plays

monday club - flynn

monday club are a mysterious duo with only one prior track to their name. they’re finally putting out their first full release on october 7 on alive recordings and it’s one to watch.

the first cut, “flynn” is an absolute stunner of a raw, dirty house track, the number of perfectly manicured (or frayed) elements is astonishing. the vocal samples, the pulsing bass note and even that cowbell… i’m hesitant to reveal each sound because their individual discoveries are a true joy.

Title: Beach Urchin feat. Corrupt Politicians Artist: Brian Johnson & Simina Grigoriu 0 plays

brian johnson & simina grigoriu - beach urchin feat. corrupt politicians

bohemian yacht club may be the greatest record label, nominally speaking. what started as an actual series of cruises has begun to put out music and brian johnson & simina grigoriu's beach urchin ep is a fantastic release.

the title track’s liquid bass and rolling, ethereal synth run through the length of the song, promising a release that never quite happens.

the beach urchin ep is out september 23 on bohemian yacht club music.

finally got a hold of this bad thing and it is beyond glorious!

long live flaneur.

goldroom - embrace

i haven’t listened to anything from goldroom since he dropped “fifteen” over a year ago. “embrace” is top notch electronic pop though. ariela jacobs is on vox and kills.